Shades of Sparkle Launch – 6th August 2021

Find Diamonds at the end of the rainbow

Shades of Sparkle Collection Release

Sometimes we all need a light feeling of luxury. Summer is a time for happy shades, something to cast a shimmer on your life and bracelet and this Friday we welcome six sparkling new beads – our limited edition Shades of Sparkle Collection.

In the collection, zirconia sparkle from within six different glass beads, made in Murano glass. The glass beads are all in two matching colours, except for one, where you will find the colours of the rainbow.

Style the Shades of Sparkle Pacific with silver and gemstones on a golden bangle for an elegant expression or keep it simple with the Shades of Sparkle Lagoon on a twisted bangle.

For a more casual look, go for the Shades of Sparkle Peach on a leather bracelet – this gives a crisp feeling of the sun rising over the horizon.

Or maybe you just want to flash your Shades of Sparkle Rainbow on the ring of change.