Signature Foxtail Bracelet Size Guide

The oxidized Sterling silver bracelet has been masterfully handcrafted into Trollbeads' signature foxtail chain. The chain consists of joints that are not soldered together, which makes the chain very flexible.

Size Guide 

You can choose between eleven different bracelet sizes from 14-24 cm (5.5” to 9.4”). 

16 14 6.3 5.5
17 15 6.7 5.9
18 16 7.1 6.3
19 17 7.5 6.7
20 18 7.9 7.1
21 19 8.3 7.5
22 20 8.7 7.9
23 21 9.1 8.3
24 22 9.4 8.7
25 23 9.9 9.1
26 24 10.3 9.4

Please note: The listed lengths indicate the total length of the bracelet with a lock attached, so the chain itself is 2 cm shorter than indicated. If, for example, you require a 20 cm bracelet, choose '20 cm'. We will send you an 18 cm chain and when you add a lock your bracelet will be the perfect size.

If you buy a ready-to-wear bracelet the lock will of course be included.

Print Reference

Do you already own a Trollbeads Bracelet? Print the foxtail bracelet size reference PDF and place your bracelet on the template to secure the same size.


The bracelet will get tighter as more beads are added to it.

We recommend half to a whole fingers space between wrist and bracelet. Measure your wrist, then add 2 cm (0.4” - 0.8”) longer that your tight wrist measurement. In the end it is a matter of personal taste if you wish a close or loose fit as well as how many beads you style your bracelet with.

Trollbeads silver and gold bracelets do not stretch, so there is no need to account for this when purchasing.


Size 18 cm, 19 cm, 20 cm (7.1", 7.5", 7.9") fits most.

Is the bracelet for a child? Choose the size 14 - 15 cm. (5.5” – 5.9”)


Our signature Foxtail Bracelet is handcrafted with .925 Sterling Silver and solid 14k Gold.

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