It’s early morning in the flower garden. Bright flowers in all hues are sparkling in the morning dew. A magnificent butterfly lands on a petal, fluttering and then becomes calm. A graceful cat comes quietly around the corner, the paws are leaving almost invisible prints in the ground. It’s time for a nap in the sun. Serenity is all around.

Butterflies are fluttering

The Flower Garden collection brings you joyful silver beads, a spacer, a pendant, and new clasps – which are pieces of art in and of themselves. On the Spiritual Butterfly Clasp, you will find two prehnite with tourmalinated quartz gemstones. Prehnite brings protection and helps to be prepared. In the past, prehnite was known as a stone of magic and is said to aid spirit communication.

The tears of mermaids

Nothing has been done to bring out the inner beauty of the pearl. Pearls are what they are. Moonlight caught in the tears of mermaids. In the Flower Garden collection, you find a clasp and two beads with pearls included in delicate silver. Also, you will find the Framed by Buds, and the freshwater Pearl bead fits perfectly in this elegant silver design.

Cats and the earth

In the Flower Garden, the cat comes as a spectacular clasp, the cutest bead, and a stunning Fantasy Ring, where you can make the cat rest on your bead of the day. The collection also offers two new, hand-facetted gemstones. Gemstones are natural materials and absolutely unique. They vary in colour and have unique inclusions and features that show their great age and natural beauty. Use gemstones to liven up your arrangements and add an air of luxury to your look.

Handmade glass beads

The Flower Garden collection brings you two, new magnificent glass kits, each in 6 very decorative designs, taking your mind on a garden stroll. Let your garden be a place of peace and serenity. Trollbeads is world famous for the enchanting way it plays with glass. All glass beads are handmade in front of a red-hot, open flame. In the middle, a sterling silver core finishes the elegant expression.