The Sterling Silver Necklace is available in eight sizes and the 14k Gold Necklace is available in four sizes.

Please note: The listed lengths indicate the total length of the necklace with a lock attached, so the chain itself is 2cm shorter than indicated.

If, for example, you require a 40 cm necklace, choose '40 cm'. We will send you a 38 cm chain and when you add a lock your necklace will be the perfect size. If you buy a ready-to-wear necklace the lock will of course be included.

Necklace Size w/lock cm Size w/lock inch
A 38 15.0
B 40 15.7
C 42 16.5
D 45 17.7
E 50 19.7
F 60 23.6
G 70 27.6
H 80 31.5