Trollbeads as a brand has some of the most creative and loyal friends in the world, and we love to play with them. Together we make global events happen every year and the starting point is always about creating emotional connections between people on the basis of our jewellery. The main goal of the events, whether they are online, offline or both, is always to allow participants to express themselves and to be creative.


People’s Uniques

People’s Uniques is the newest event by Trollbeads. The event is all about Uniques. Participants will upload images of their preferred Uniques beads, vote for their favourites and the result will be a stunning and powerful limited edition Uniques kit consisting of the top 6 Uniques beads based on the voting.

The participants who uploaded images for the top 6 beads will each win the limited edition kit for themselves and a friend.

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People’s Bead 2021

You have voted for the top finalist and we are counting the votes to find the winner! The design will be available online and in stores from September 18th. People's Bead is a bead inspired by people, designed by people, and selected by people.

The winning artist will become part of the Trollbeads family of talented artists and designers and receive the winning bead created in 18k gold.

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Trollbeads Day

Trollbeads Day is a day dedicated to celebrate all who wear Trollbeads as a part of their personality, wardrobe and life story. Every year a Limited Edition bead is released exclusively made for Trollbeads Day.


Happy Birthday 2021

Happy Birthday 2021 is a new limited-edition faceted glass bead. It's a fantastic way to mark your special day and enjoy your birthday everyday with Trollbeads. Due to high demand, the bead sells out fast so we recommend ordering early to avoid disappointments.

Share a Christmas Card

Share a Christmas Card is a fun worldwide event where we give away a prize each day of December. Our Trollbeads fans are encouraged to send Christmas cards to five random participants and in return they receive Christmas cards from friends of Trollbeads around the world. Every Christmas card received is another chance to win a prize. Join us during this magical event at a magical time of year!

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Found a Bead

In January 2009, we asked our retailers all over the world to distribute 5-10 'Smiling beads' (beads designed specifically for the event and not available for general sale) in their local areas. The beads were all attached to a note, which asked the finder to go to a website and share how they found or received the bead.

More than 3,500 people from 32 different countries registered on the website and today there is still a huge demand for the limited edition Smiling beads. "Found a Bead" was an extremely successful event and we look forward to the next one.


"'Have a heart that never hardens, and a temper that never tires, and a touch that never hurts.' - Charles Dickens
Gentle Touch is the official Global Event Bead 2021, it cannot be bought online - only in stores at events. This bead has a black core lined with light pink and copper glitter. What is special about this particular bead is the very special faceted cut – unlike any other bead in the collection.

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