UNIQUES are a truly special part of the Trollbeads collection. No two beads are the same, they are all one of a kind, just like people and their stories.

A beautiful unique glass bead.

A UNIQUE Journey

UNIQUES is the term covering one-of-a-kind beads created at Trollbeads workshops in Asia and Africa and sold worldwide. It started as a small charity project but has later grown into an important part of Trollbeads, both for the company and for our customers.

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Our Responsibility

The Beads

The UNIQUES beads come in a large range of colours and are decorated with elaborate and infatuating patterns. We have recently launched our People's Uniques winners for 2021 which are available now. These stunning six beads are limited edition pieces and available in limited numbers.

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A UNIQUE start

Today the UNIQUES are a vital part of the extensive Trollbeads jewellery collection. The UNIQUES are glass jewellery beads with many variations, that people all over the world have gotten a passion for and will travel to discover new beads. They are made from high quality glass over a hot flame, with each designer leaving their cultural and artistic mark with exquisite skill and creativity.

Commitment, talent and hard work from the teams in Tibet, India and Africa made it possible for UNIQUES to develop into what it is today. At Trollbeads we are continually inspired by their achievements and we are committed to supporting the communities now and in the future.

‘Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.’

– Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel