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This is a beautiful bead! It looks great with Mermaid Reflections.

Puzzle Spacer
Charmaine Soby
Puzzle Perfect

Bought the puzzle spacer for so many reasons. My best days start with a crossword puzzle and a cup of coffee. Jigsaw puzzles take me back to childhood winters (there was always one on the go) and I still very much enjoy doing them. I like word puzzles and logic puzzles…basically, I enjoy all kinds of puzzles. Finally - and most importantly - I have a grandson on the Spectrum. A puzzle piece is the symbol for Autism awareness. It just feels like the perfect spacer for me!

Trollbeads Club 3 Year
Bonnie Matthews

It’s to early to review
Haven’t received any news or upcoming events/information

Trollbeads Club 1 Year
Suzanne Buffel
Love the Club!

Beautiful bead … wonderful packaging including a canvas bag!

Dolphins Spacer
Chelsea Heighton
Dolphin spacer

It is cute and it would be a five but you really need to use a bead threader with this one or you risk the annoyance and potential damage of getting the small end loop stuck sideways. Happened to me so just sharing it.

Love 💗🩷

The picture does nothing for these beads.They are absolutely gorgeous.You have made my wait worth it.

Flower Power

Absolutely love this bead.The detail is perfection.

Tulip of Optimism Bead
Joanne Williams
Small beauty

I like the bead but it is a lot smaller than I was expecting. It’s easier to see the shape and features of a bead when it is bigger. I wouldn’t have minded paying a bit extra for a bigger bead.

Resilience Flower Bead
Alan Gould- Davies
Very nice

Looks exactly like the picture.

Dreams of Bloom necklace

I’ve been a collector of Trollbeads for many years and love my new necklace.
The earth-tone shades of the beads go with many items in my wardrobe.
~ Carol H.

Excellent bracelet

I have about 4 bracelets now because I have so many beads. It wear my bracelets every day. They are great quality and look awesome.

Boccioli Rosa Bead
Ju Yun Choe
Absolute beauty

Delicately well made beauty 100 % recommend.

Cute kitty

Being a cat lover this cute charm was a nice addition to my bracelet.

Willful Owl Bead
Ju Yun Choe
Wilful owl

Very detailed beautiful bead this is the best owl bead ever.

Resilience Knot Bead

Lovely bead . Great reminder you can do this...Resilience is what we need in this crazy world. Looks lovely on my bracelet.

Poinsettia Wish Bracelet
Alan Gould- Davies
Very happy

Only problem too tight on the wrist,so have to return for a larger size.

Letter S Tassel
Sierra Robson
Great Initial Dangle

I love this tassel. The font is very fun and the bead really stands out on my bracelet.

Baby Bead
Karen Ho
Baby bead

Cute adorable bead indeed

Snails in love

Beautiful artistic bead

Boundless Love Tassel
Luke Grant Speers
Very pretty

My auntie loved it
I buy her troll beads yearly for Christmas


I love this clasp! The flower looks like it is part of the bracelet! I would highly recommend this clasp!

In your Heart Pendant

My wife absolutely loved it!!

Bumble Bee Spacer
Thomas Hope
I bought this on behalf of someone and they are pleased with it.

I bought this item a month ago and have had about 20 emails asking about the service, the item, more promotions etc. It is too much. I did not buy an item online to be spammed by your company and I would seriously consider how you interact with clients. I will now be blocking you as your marketing and interaction is harrassment!

Trees & Joy Bead
Olga Dodic
Trees & Joy

This bead is even more beautiful than the images show.

Recent purchase

Love the smoky quartz pendants bought for my sister for Christmas.l absolutely love everything from troll beads.l get lots of compliments on my bracelet even from the manager of pandora.I am now working on my second bracelet.I am impressed.thank you