Water Spirit animals

Symbolises calm, emotivity and adaptability.

Strengths: Empathetic, sensitive, intuitive, caring, nurturing, good at listening, trusting, open-minded, accepting, mystical, artistic.

Read which of the spirit animal properties most align with how you see yourself or what you need.

Long Life

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Marine Turtles

The Turtle spirit animal symbolises strength and determination despite the obstacles of life.

This animal encourages and gives guidance on which path to take in life.

When undergoing a long endeavour, the turtle animal spirit shows leadership.

The turtle spirit animal also represents longevity and wisdom.

Pendant of calm

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Turtle clasp

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Turtle flower

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Force of Life

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The Starfish spirit animal represents great power, love, and good luck. It is unique in its beauty and in its attributes and qualities.

People with a starfish spirt animal are lucky souls who can learn the art of trusting their instincts from this sea creature.


People who have the Seahorse as their spirit animal have a heart of gold and an instinctive urge to help others.

The seahorse represents persistence, balance patience, and contentment that enables you to navigate through life's obstacles with grace and ease.

In addition to these qualities, the seahorse also symbolises protection and good luck.


The Dolphin spirit animal represents harmony and balance. Dolphins are both intelligent and in tune with their instincts.

Dolphins are also a symbol of protection and unity. Their playful nature is a reminder to approach life with humour and joy.

People with this spirit animal are usually peaceful and gentle, paired with a deep inner strength.

Dolphin Family

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Dolphins Clasp

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Dolphins Kiss Spacer

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Dolphins Spacer

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Playing Dolphins

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Dolphins Fun Clasp

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