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A UNIQUE story

“If you really want to help people in third world countries to develop economically, you must teach them what it is that you are successfully doing.”

When I read those lines an idea suddenly came to me: “we can do that. At Trollbeads we know how to make glass beads. We know how to sell them successfully. We can teach them.”

-Lise Aagaard

Mystery Unique Bag

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The Uniques collection embodies Trollbeads' values of operating from the heart and maintaining social responsibility. We have a commitment to making a positive difference in the world while celebrating the beauty and diversity of artisanal craftsmanship.

Only available for Trollbeads Club members, this offer features 6 color matched Uniques for only $183 (valued at $378)

For the month of April uniques will be all florals inspired by the colors of the rainbow. Spring is officially here!

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Mystery Unique Bag
Mystery Unique Bag

This special offer comes from the story about the people who were taught how to make glass beads - and ended up creating UNIQUES, taking Trollbeads in an entirely new direction, bringing joy and inspiration to thousands of people across the world.


Work Ethic

The glass workers we trained are a wonderful mix of men and women - all with their own story, all with a strong work ethic.

Teaching Glassworks

It was our plan to educate 8 students in the art of glass bead making. On our arrival, 25 very hopeful, unemployed men and women turned up. There was no way we could or wanted to choose, so the team decided to teach everybody for two days and then pick those most qualified for the job. If the workshop turned out to be a success, we would establish more workstations later. 12 people, 8 women and 4 men were selected for further training.


Learning the craft

After 10 intensive days of training, the first glass bead workshop was ready to function; owned and run by the Tibetans themselves.

Let creativity rule!

The glass workers sent us beautiful work, but the color schemes seemed to have a life of their own. They matched the patterns with great precision and skill, but they didn’t always follow the color scheme specified by the designs. When asked why, the glass workers simply replied: “when we run out of one color we just use another until we get the right color back in stock.” With glass sourced from Italy, half way around the planet, it could take time to get stocked up if rods were not ordered in time.

Beautiful artwork was literally piling up in the Copenhagen office, so we made a decision: “let creativity rule!”


A Life Experience

At Trollbeads we're so grateful for the opportunity to gain these everlasting memories

“I don’t consider the glass bead workshops a charity project. I had an idea of how we at Trollbeads could maybe make a positive difference - that’s all! Once a workshop was set up it was down to the people there to make it happen. And I am all in awe of their achievements. I taught them how to make beads, but the way they developed their skills and how they have used them leaves me speechless. They have taken Trollbeads to a whole new level and in directions I could never have imagined. Thousands of people across the world adore their unique designs – but their biggest fan is me.”

-Lise Aagaard, Trollbeads Founder

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