Size Guide

Signature Foxtail Bracelet Size Guide
Our signature Foxtail Chain Bracelet has been masterfully crafted and is available in 11 sizes ranging from 14-24cm (5.5" to 9.4").
Ring Size Guide
Trollbeads rings are beautifully detailed and designed to surprise and amaze. Use this guide to find your perfect size for your new favourite ring.
Fantasy Necklace Size Guide
Find the perfect size for a fantasy necklace and tell your story in style and comfort.
Foxtail Necklace Size Guide
The Sterling silver necklace has been masterfully handcrafted into Trollbeads' signature foxtail chain. To ensure you get the perfect size check out our full guide.
Neck Bangle Size Guide
Create an elegant look with the graceful Neck Bangle. Adorn and decorate with your favourite beads and spacers to create a unique and elegant look.
Single Leather Bracelet Size Guide
Our Single Leather Bracelet comes in one size and three colors: black, white and brown. This is a step-by-step guide to how to set the size of your...
Bangle Size Guide
There is a Bangle for every wrist. Whether you have chosen .925 sterling silver, copper, or gold plated; twisted or classic, this size guide will help you with the fit and size.
Double Leather Bracelet Size Guide
The Double Leather Bracelet is a lighter, more casual jewellery piece and is available in over 20 colours and comes in 3 sizes from 14.2" to 17.7".
Ring of Change Size Guide
This Changeable ring gives you the opportunity to adorn your hand/finger with your selected bead of the day. The Ring of Change is available in five sizes, read the full guide to ensure you get the perfect size.
Changeable Fantasy Necklace Size Guide
Learn about sizing information and ways to wear the Changeable Fantasy Necklace.
Alice Band Size Guide
The Alice Band comes in one size and is easy to add your favourite beads to make the Alice band of your dreams.
Tiara Size Guide
The tiara comes in one size, and you create the tiara of your dreams by adding different beads and spacers.
Leather Necklace Size Guide
A supple yet classic necklace handcrafted from one strip of genuine leather. Wear it out for drinks or wear it everyday.